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What is Experience Again?

Experience again is a joint venture of Ex EP users and P-Value Singapore.

The very idea originated from a shared feeling and understanding that at some point in our lives, we all feel a strong need for emotional support. All the social network platforms out there today lack the opportunity to talk with people that we can really connect to... It's a necessity to have people who are there for you, a circle of friends who will listen. We all have that tendency to seek a place where people are authentic, supportive and respectful towards their each other. There's now a need for a place where you can feel free to speak up and connect with everyone around the globe, since we all are a part of this one big family called world.

What Experience again is going to offer and why is it taking time?

We are committed to bringing you all the cutting edge features (supported with all the formats along with mobile application for Iphone and Android) such as new interface, a better networking format, Real time chats, Amazing new features like Picspik, Telltale, newzbuzz, Active Moderator support and many more! Our priorities lie in creating a highly secure environment by tackling problems from, spammers, trolls and anyone that causes you annoyance. We're trying to develop a place where there's no room for any sort of hatred but significant chances to get aware and get real growth in life... It's something that your new online social home must have to offer!

Still, it's taking time since any legit website with a real time database (Firebase in our case) and highly secured data encryption (MD5,SHA2, Ripemd, Whirlpool), so that all the information fed by users can be purely confidential and secured will take time to get live. We're dedicated towards high quality design, better interactivity, support on multiple platforms and all new tools. We're doing the heavy lifting so that you can have amazing experience at your new home!

Why do we need Subscriptions?

We're having only 5000 subscribers for Round One due to the limits of our hardware resources available. Subscriptions will be closed once 5000 subscribers are reached. Experience Again is an ad-free community being developed for not any Financial gains. It's an attempt to unite people and provide a platform for Emotional Support to everyone around the globe by the help of P-Value Singapore!

Does Experience again ask for any personal information?

Experience again doesn't ask for any personal information. It's a free community for everyone, being developed for not any financial gains. Users are advised to provide any email account, so that we can stay in touch with you. All we need is encouragement and surety that either we're moving towards the right direction or not!

What should I do if I don't have any Email account I can provide to Experience Again?

You don't need to worry if you're not willing to provide any email account to Experience Again. All you need is to check for it when it is ready. Just keep in mind that only first 5000 users will be allowed to be a part of Experience Again due to our hardware limits. Emails aren't really important, they're just the only available methods to us to tell you about our launch.

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